wrongful dismissal

Have you been fired from your employment?

Know your rights!

Where do you turn to now? Your career is one of the most important things in your life.  The sudden loss of your emloyment can be devastaing, both financially and emotionally. If you have been unjustly dismissed from your employment you may be entitled to damages as a result of your wrongful dismissal.

Todd Kerr is a renowned Business and Trial Lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia whose practice focuses on claims for Wrongful Dismissal as well as many other claims relating to Employment Law including claims for breach of Non-Competition Agreements, breach of Confidentiality Agreements, breach of Employment Agreements and Constructive Dismissal claims.

Todd has extensive experience in Emloyment Law Litigation in the Provincial Court of British Columbia , the Supreme Court of British Columbia, as well vast experience in arbitration and mediation.

Todd is the founding member of Kerr-Redekop-Leinburd- Boswell, one of Vancouver's premier boutique business law firms, and has been serving the legal needs of Vancouver's business community for over 20 years.

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